ROL Intencyty

ROL Intencyty

(Out of Cyte × Intensive QCA)

Year Foaled: 2002
Gender: Stallion
Color: Black
Breeding: Purebred Arabian

ROL Intencyty

2002 Black Arabian Stallion


~ Producer of National Champions ~

ROL Intencyty , is known as the Black Stallion who produces National Champion offspring. Not only is he impressive in his prouduction of offspring, he himself a proven show horse. Intencyty garnered the titles of Canadian National Champion Futurity Colt as well as U.S. National Top-Ten Futurity Colt.

ROL Intencyty's pedigree includes the most sought after foundation lines in the Arabian breed.  His pedigree offers five crosses to Serafix, the famous Crabbet bred stallion purchased by John Rogers and owned orginally by the Blunts of England. Serafix himself has eleven crosses to Mesaoud. Historically, the Blunts had written that Mesaoud was the best horse imported by them. John Rogers continued his famous breeding program with the importation of the stallion Karadjordge, a polish breeding purchased from Patricia Lindsay.

The final Rogers stallion in this pedigree is Natez, a WitezII son. The Rogers breeding of the offspring of these three stallions is the foundation of the sire and the dam of ROL Intencyty. This foundation has been greatly enhanced by the outcrossing to Cytosk, the grandsire of ROL Intencyty and Explodent, sired by Ptersk, the grandsire on the dam's side.  Included also in his pedigree are: *Bask++, El Magato, and Ferseyn.  His proven pedigree has consistantly prouduced beautiful, athletic horses.  

One of the most famous multi-National Champion daughters is the gorgeous RH Triana, also bred by Robin Hood Farms.


Robin & Drago's belief in this stallion has driven the Robin Hood Farms breeding program and influenced others breeding programs across the United States and now Internationally. 



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